Müller SolarCleano is the best and most efficient way to clean your solar panels. With this remote-controlled robot, your solar farm will be as good as new for a fraction of the cost and time.
You can buy your own robot, or you can hire us to take care of everything. We customize our services based on what you need!


  • Various types of brushes: From 47 inch or 86 inch, some larger than panel’s dimensions:
    Pollen - Lichen - Soiling - Bird dropplets
  • Cleaning surface with 47 inch brush: 11,000 sqft/h
  • Cleaning surface with 86 inch brush: 16,000 sqft/h


  • Mini robot with 31 inch brush. An alternative to our standard SolarCleano pro which is meant for professional cleaning companies using their robot on a daily basis and for mid to large scale plants owners.
  • Dimensions: 35 in L X 34 in W x 19 in H
  • Cleaning speed up to 98 ft/min.
  • Average cleaning capacity: 8,600 sqft/h


Mechanical specifications

Speed177 ft/min
Torque 110Nm/caterpillar
Weight 771 lbs
Width 3.93 ft
Length 4.27 ft
Minimum platform height 2.3 ft
Base platform height 5 ft
Base platform max. (full deployed) 6.17 ft
Protection IP54


Why should you clean your solar panels?

A solar system can only work efficiently if it is not polluted. Impurities on the solar module reduce your electricity generation and after a few months, the financial loss can be as much as 10 percent per year.

The costs for ecological cleaning with Müller SolarCleano are only a small proportion of your annual losses due to contamination.

After each cleaning, our customers confirm to us that the result is optimal and that their yield has improved.


Solar Farms

Agricultural farms

Distribution centers

Schools and Universities



Solar panels on rooftops

Commercial applications


Better performance. Regular cleaning keeps your facility in good condition and helps produce 30% more energy.

Speed. Much faster than manual cleaning-up to 6000 panels a day!

Efficiency and safety. Müller SolarCleano can be operated by one person and is much safer in case the panels are in elevated locations.

Versatility. Müller SolarCleano can be used for wet and dry cleaning, on all types of solar panels, with an inclination of up to 25°.

24/ 7 cleaning. With Müller SolarCleano's LED light system you will be able to clean with the same effectiveness at night as you do during the day.

Professionalism. Our staff is highly qualified to operate the robot and clean your panels in the best possible way, regardless of their characteristics.


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