For dealerships that may be going through an upfit or experiencing failure with their current flooring system, our clinker tile floors installed via thinset are an appropriate choice. With the right mix of slab restoration and floor leveling, our experts are able to make your original concrete slab new and functional again.

This installation method is also utilized for installing tile in the front of house locations of the dealership: showroom, lounge, restrooms and other customer-facing areas. Let our certified installers help bring your building to life!


  • Automobile showrooms
  • Lounge
  • Restrooms

Our Preferred Partners

  • Argelith
  • Crossville
  • Roca

Robust Client List

Our list of satisfied clients are among the most respected brands in all of the automotive world, as we have completed over 300 successful installations in car dealerships all across the United States.

Our Customers

From Mercedes to BMW, to Maserati and Porsche, our customers prove that we are the number one choice for flooring.

Our Clients

Contact us today to see why Architects, General Contractors and Owners all agree that Global Tiling is the leader in flooring solutions in the automotive industry.


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