At our core, the quality of our work depends on highly trained trade workers. In our efforts to maintain a staff that kept a high standard of work, we kept running into the same challenge - a lack of opportunity for training and learning in the tiling and flooring industry. Leadership decided that the only way to meet the needs of employees and customers was to do the job internally and so the Academy was born. The Academy is built on three pillars: Safety, Culture, and Artisanry.

Academy Apprentice Group 1


Our apprenticeship is based on the German model, which is recognized internationally for its high standard of quality. In order to develop our apprentices into quality tile installers, we run a two-year program that consists of classroom and workshop training, as well as on-the-job training.

To achieve their Certificate, which is officially recognized by the Department of Labor, apprentices must meet classroom expectations, complete specific numbers of hours in the field and pass several skills assessments, including a final assessment where they display all of their skills in a timed assessment.

We provide all the necessary tools for our apprentices to be successful, so whilst the program is quite rigorous, the students are all well-prepared.


Apprenticeship for Tile Installers

charlotte, north carolina, USA

Currently, we offer this program twice a year. (Future plans will expand it to three times per year).

The two year program includes:
40 weeks of Classroom/workshop learning
160 weeks of training on the job
Starting pay of $15 / hr

This program is modeled after the German Tile Program.


The Academy is built on three pillars: Safety, Culture, and Artisanry. While each of these pillars are different, they provide equal support to the program, as well as the company.


Easy to identify. Difficult to replicate.

What sets Müller Surfaces apart from our competitors is our high standard of Artisanry but the skills of an Artisan are becoming increasingly rare. While learning how to safely and correctly install various surfaces is an achievement on its own, in order to be considered a skilled artisan requires a trade worker to pair their technical skills with artistic talent.

Our installers interpret the plans and blueprints (or other means by which a vision is shared) and create that product for the client. Our installers bring life to the work they are assigned by blending functional installation with aesthetic appeal.

These skills are developed by training and practice, and require our installers to have either completed a certified program or apprenticeship. Because these programs are becoming sparse, we have created our very own programs and apprenticeships to meet the needs of future Artisans, using instructors and mentors who are not only certified, but have a strong history of artisanry themselves.


Safety is a central pillar at Müller Academy. From our office staff to our warehouse and field employees, we strive to provide the safest possible environment for our staff.

In order to accomplish this, we maintain up-to-date training on all safety aspects identified by OSHA, as well as additional safety goals determined by our Safety Committee.

The Head of Müller Academy, Joshua Doty, is also the Safety Director for the company. He holds the Construction MESH (Manager of Environmental Safety & Health) certificate which requires 100 hours of workplace safety, health or environmental training.


Muller Surfaces prides itself on its positive culture and to enhance this culture further, The Muller Way was developed.

The Muller Way identifies 31 “Fundamentals” that make up the foundation of our company culture. In support of this initiative, the Academy supplies training on various cultural “Fundamentals”. These trainings are employee-specific so they can be as broad as the entire company, or as few as the individual employee. They may happen yearly, monthly, or even weekly. Many of these principles are taught in-house but sometimes they are outsourced to professionals in the subject area.

Academy Staff

Our team of staff at the Müller Academy are highly dedicated individuals, committed to training the next generation of skilled artisans through classroom training and practical, hands on experience.


Our Apprentices come from all backgrounds, often construction, but as often not. Our program is built to accommodate learning for students who have no experience, as well as students who have a background in construction and tile installation. The only mandatory requirements for our programs are a good attitude, ethics, and hard work.

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