Müller wants to make a positive impact by giving back to the community. Children are the future, which is why providing them with proper tools and supporting the language foundation is near and dear to us.

United Way IC Ctile volunteer

United Way School Supply Drive

Our team collected, organized, and packed school supplies for a variety of Mecklenburg schools.

Müller was able to help students prepare for a successful year by providing them with the tools they needed such as bags, books and stationery.

Packing boxes

Second Harvest Food Bank

Five members went to the Second Harvest Food Bank to sort products donated by CVS. We boxed food items, home bedding and décor, medicine, school supplies, and various other objects.

These items were then shipped to different locations around Charlotte, such as the Women’s Shelter.

Photo by Laura Siegal

German Language & Culture Foundation

Our sponsorship provides countless opportunities for UNCC students to learn and explore German culture. They get a unique experience in the classroom and overseas.

The main goal of the foundation is to give scholarships for the exchange program.