A classic and durable option, tile is not only beautiful but is often the most economical option for long-term installations as well. Whether a traditional or modern look is desired, limitless style options mean that nearly any vision is possible. An additional combination of Eco-friendliness and minimal maintenance really make tile a stand-out option for any installation.



Food & Beverage


Office Buildings






Mosaic. From adding an element of design to a room to bringing a full artistic vision to life, osaic tile and tiling is used to create beautiful, intricate designs to any room or building. While mosaic tiles are typically made from one material a mosaic wall, floor, or ceiling can often be a mixture of a variety of tiles such as travertine, glass, stone, porcelain, and more.

Ceramic. Beautiful and durable, ceramic tiles are environmentally friendly, economical, low maintenance, allergen reducing, and easily repairable. Ceramic tiles are manufactured using natural, water-resistant materials making them a natural, high-quality addition to any space from backsplashes to bathrooms to walls and foyers.

Porcelain. While similar to ceramic tiles, porcelain tile is typically a harder but more brittle tile. Choosing between the two is often a choice of taste.

Granite. Granite tiles are dense and durable making them resistant to wear and tear. Their mixture of quartz, mica, and feldspar minerals gives them a unique and beautiful appearance that varies based on the region where they originate.

Glass. Most often used for decorative and artistic mosaics, glass tiles are used both indoors as well as outdoors.

Working together

From a visionary concept to a finished building, it takes a range of people to complete a project. Whether working with the business owner or another trade worker on the job site, Müller Surfaces strives to bring solid communication, respect, and appreciation to every project stakeholder. This means that we train our staff to be flexible, adaptable, and professional to everyone, on and off the job-site.

General Contractors

The General Contractor is our main line of communication for most projects. Nearly all communication, decisions, and actions tend to flow through the GC.

Architects & Designers

While we often receive architectural direction through the General Contractor, we are also happy to work directly with Architects and Designers at any time throughout the duration of a project.

Business Owners

Some owners are extremely hands-on, whilst others prefer to entrust expectations to other capable hands. We are happy to work with both.


Our employees strive to communicate with other trades on-site, ensuring everyone has access to complete their work in an effort to complete projects on time.


We work seamlessly with architects, designers, contractors, and business owners to deliver superior results to every project that bears the Müller name. How can we help you?

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