Chemical resistant floor tile system are the perfect choice for many industrial environments. The combination of the right tile, adhesives, and grouts, provide a floor system that is ready to resist harsh chemicals and heavy impacts. Together with these floor installations we are able to package in floor sloping, waterproofing, stainless steel drains, CIP vinyl ester grouts, and the ability to work within tight shutdown periods. The floors are available in varying colors and patterns.

We are proud to be able to offer several alternatives oriented to each of your needs.

Epoxy is a poured in place, durable floor system that can be used across a broad spectrum of industries. Epoxy coating is chemically resistant, durable, and a low maintenance product. Quick installation means less production shutdown and slippage. It's temperature, impact, and even fire resistant, making it a great safety choice. Available in an array of colors and patterns to fit nearly any style, epoxy is also a green choice due to its small material usage.

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We are proud to offer strong, durable products from Dur-A-Flex.



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Epoxy. Solid-color, seamless flooring system made with 100% solids epoxy and natural quartz aggregate.

Chemical resistant tiles. The combination of the right tile, adhesives, and grouts, provide a floor system that is ready to resist harsh chemicals and heavy impacts.

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The General Contractor is our main line of communication for most projects. Nearly all communication, decisions, and actions tend to flow through the GC.

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While we often receive architectural direction through the General Contractor, we are also happy to work directly with Architects and Designers at any time throughout the duration of a project.

Business Owners

Some owners are extremely hands-on, whilst others prefer to entrust expectations to other capable hands. We are happy to work with both.


Our employees strive to communicate with other trades on-site, ensuring everyone has access to complete their work in an effort to complete projects on time.


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